Samsung to Unveil Tizen OS Handsets in July 2013

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Samsung to Unveil Tizen OS Handsets in July 2013

Samsung to Unveil Tizen OS Handsets in July 2013

Barcelona: Samsung announced an upcoming operating system at Mobile World Congress.  The Korean mobile manufacturing company said that they will be using the new operating system Tizen OS in its mobile handsets.  Tizen operating system is jointly developed by Tizen foundation, Samsung and Intel.

Tizen operating system is based on Linux.  It supports touch based gestures. The operating system can be used in tablets, smart televisions and tablets.  Samsung is expected to launch a mobile handset that is based on Tizen operating system in the middle of 2013.

Presently, Samsung is using Google Android operating system and Microsoft Windows phone operating system for its mobile handsets.  Samsung may get benefited by the new mobile operating system Tizen.  It is likely that the company will merge its own Bada OS with the new Linux Based Tizen operating system.

Samsung developed Bada Os and also launched Wave series of handsets using the operating system.  But the handsets did not taste success.  Though Samsung tried to solve the issues with the operating system, it could not do so for many reasons such as lack of apps and small number of developers on board.

Samsung is planning to release Tizen OS handsets in the July, 2013.  The handsets that run on Tizen operating system will be able to run the apps designed for Samsung’s Bada operating system.  Samsung will completely stop the selling of Bada OS smartphones after releasing the Tizen handsets.  Bada operating system devices cannot be upgraded to Tizen.  But there is hope that since Tizen is an open source OS and somebody will develop a way to install it in Bada OS devices.  Samsung wants an operating system that it can control and customize.  But it will be interesting to see whether Tizen operating system can become as popular as Android operating system.

Samsung may be releasing the Tizen OS phone in countries like India.  Indian markets are dominated by Nokia mobile handsets. Recently Samsung released REX series of mobile handsets to compete with Nokia Asha series handsets.  REX series uses open Java platform and this cannot substitute Android platform.  Tizen operating system may be tried to tap lower end mobile markets of countries like India.