BlackBerry Z10 & Nexus 4 Prices in Indian Grey Market: Purchase at Lowest Prices

BlackBerry Z10 & Nexus 4 Prices in Indian Grey Market: Purchase Nexus 4 & BlackBerry Z10 at Lowest Prices

Mumbai: Google Nexus 4 Mobile and BlackBerry Z10 mobile phones didn’t get released in Indian market still, but they are getting sold in the Indian grey market as hot cakes. Prices of these two mobiles faced a drop in recent times. Latest hot mobile in the market i.e. BlackBerry Z10 mobile has been first listed at sky high prices and now they are decreasing gradually. This mobile can be purchase in the Indian grey market at a price of Rs.51,000/-. Outlet owners have claimed that the prices of this mobile are dropping gradually, the price is varying almost day to day.

Just three days back (as of 16th Feb), the price of BlackBerry Z10 mobile in the Indian grey market was said to be Rs.53,000 and just within three days, it has faced a price drop of Rs.2,000 and is now available at Rs.51,000/-. Few retailers have also claimed that the price of this mobile at the initial days was around Rs.80,000 and that too, excluding warranty and bill. Even after few days of availability in the grey market, few retail outlet owners have claimed that they could sell this mobile at whooping price of Rs.75,000/-


On the other hand, LG Nexus 4 is one of the most sold mobiles in recent times in the international market. This mobile is available at a price of Rs.32,000 in the grey market. This mobile has faced a drop of Rs.3,000 before reaching to this figure. This mobile is already facing lot of shortage issues worldwide and is not released in India yet officially. It is said that businessmen in grey market prefer to hype the prices and let leak that information without backing it with any kind of real action. This strategy helps them to upset the release plans of their counterparts. This helps them in reaping more profits.