Aadhar Linked Subsidy Transfer for LPG Consumers in AP: Deadline 15th February

Aadhar Linked Subsidy Transfer for LPG Consumers in AP: Deadline 15th February

Hyderabad: Oil companies are getting ready to implement Direct cash transfer scheme for domestic LPG gas users. According to some information, the companies will deposit the subsidy amount in to the bank accounts before the gas cylinder is supplied to the customer. Till now officials informed that the consumers have to pay Rs. 1050 for the first cylinder. But minister Sridhar Babu informed that it is not necessary. As soon as the Aadhar number is provided by the consumer to the oil companies, the companies will deposit the subsidy amount for one cylinder, he said. This will happen independent of gas booking. The scheme will be implemented from 15th February, 2013 or immediately after that. As soon as oil companies receive the information that cylinder is delivered to the customers, the subsidy amount for the next cylinder will also be deposited in the bank account of the consumers. Like this oil companies will deposit subsidy amount for 9 cylinders in a year.

Government has not made any arrangements for issue of Aadhar cards. With the information that subsidy will not be available on the domestic LPG cylinder if Aadhar number if not submitted, thousands of gas consumers are approaching Aadhar centers. Not able to cope up with the rush, many the staff is closing the centers. There are not enough Aadhar centers in the state. There are not enough staff and sufficient Aadhar applications also.

Aadhar centers

More than fifty percent of people in Hyderabad and Secunderabd districts are not issued Aadhar cards. Half of these people have already applied for Aadhar cards and submitted their photos, thumb impressions etc. But these people are not issued the Aadhar cards yet. Some people have not registered their bank details with the LPG dealers.

Minister Sridhar Babu wrote a letter to Veerappa Moily requested the postponement of direct cash transfer scheme implementations for LPG cylinders. According to sources, he requested Kiran Kumar Reddy to write a letter and Kiran agreed. But the letter has not been sent till now.

Lakhs of Aadhar cards are lying in post offices. No measures are being taken to distribute the cards. People are saying, government should give a detailed clarification regarding LPG subsidy and Aadhar link.

The process of applying for Aadhar card is time consuming. No applications are available in the Aadhar centers. The applications that are downloaded from the net are not accepted by the staff. The application has to be taken from the Aadhar office. After filling the application it has to be submitted with the entire necessary supporting document. A date will be given by the Aadhar staff on which date, the applicants have to again go to the center and for taking photos and iris. There are no basic facilities in Aadhar centers and children and aged people suffering a lot to stand in queues for long hours. Brokers are selling Aadhar application for hundred to two hundred rupees. They are demanding Rs. 500 to see that the process completed in two or three days.