Samsung Trying to Run the Google Android in their Refrigerator Product

Samsung  Trying to Run the Google Android in their refrigerator product

Toronto: Now a days refrigerator are designed beautifully. The last month Samsung launched a new model of their smart fridge whose running application help the customer to browse recipes , creating the product list also. It helps the user to avoid the product which has expired date like milk and yogurt.

The electronics company of Samsung launch the same T9000 refrigerator that provide the facility  having a 10 inch WI-Fi enables touch screen also added Epicurious for recipes and the great Evernote facility for note taking.

android refrigetator

The vice president of the home appliance division at Samsung Canada Mr. Warnel Doell has given a positive and important message to all the users. According to him a man can do his entertainment while he is cooking or doing any other household works. The display of it helps the user to keep up with the latest news or weather forecasting as well as Facebook or Twitter from the fridge door.

The Evernote application helps the user to create their shopping lists that you can also synchronize to your cell smart phones with also  food recipes from Epicurious.

Another interesting fact of these fridge it that if you want to make any new item in your lunch or dinner you have to just tell the ingredient name having in  your fridge the android operating system will tell you the overall recipes so that you can easily prepare.

To track your foods which have crossed the expired date in your fridge an automated alarm will inform you to remove the foods from your fridge. We may have a smart phone and tablets but the smart refrigerator provides you more than a novelty.

The T9000 refrigerator is launched mainly for the romantic or fashionable consumer who really love to accept the new technology and want to be feel comfortable always.It is really a great a product only for the modern generation.If you want to bye one it will be available worldwide in the spring only for the price $3,999.