Ram Charan’s New Movie ‘Nayak’ Review

Ram Charan’s New Movie ‘Nayak’ Review

New Delhi:  ‘Nayak’ Telugu movie was released on 9th January, 2013.  This is the first movie in which Ram Charan played a dual role. Kajal and Amala Paul play the female lead roles in the movie. The movie has created hype as the film is directed by V V Vinayak.  There are high expectations on the film and it has to be seen how people will receive the movie.

The story of the movie revolves around two characters.  One of the characters is a common young man who comes to Kolkata in search of the job to stay with his sister and brother in law and falls in love with their daughter.  Another character played by Charan is a software engineer who is in love with the sister of a local rowdy.  The story is about how a common young man turns to become a ‘Nayak’ and the relation between these two characters.


Ram Charan plays the characters of Cherry, the young man and also ‘Nayak’ who lives for his people.  Ram Charan suited correctly to the character of Cherry but could not display seriousness required for the character of ‘Nayak’.  It is felt that he has chosen a character that should have been performed by him at least three to four years later.

As always,  Ram Charan proved that he is a great dancer and is the real successor of his father Chiranjeevi.  Kajal and Amala Paul have nothing to do in the film as their characters are not given much importance.  Brahmanandam once again proved that he is the best comedian around.  Posani played a character that can be remembered.  Jaya Prakash Reddy has done a comedy character that looks serious. All the other actors played their characters well.

Photography is the main strength of the film ‘Nayak’.  Songs and fights look rich on the screen.  Songs and their picturization have to be mentioned specially.  Few songs in the album are already climbing the charts.  The dialogues are written by Akula Shiva and these can be said as the highlight of the movie.  The movie is made with the correct combination of action and comedy scenes.  The story though old is treated in new style.  The director should have concentrated on the characterization of ‘Nayak’ and the climax of the story.

‘Nayak’ movie attracts the audience with comedy.  Vinayak has shown that he is very good at making good comedy films.  The main drawback of the movie is its normal story and the characterization of ‘Nayak’.  Highlights of the movie are dances of Ram Charan, dialogues, songs and photography.