Nokia to be Bought by Microsoft in 2013: Rumor

Nokia to be Bought by Microsoft in 2013: Rumor

New York: There are rumors that Microsoft thought of buying Nokia Company but dropped the idea for some reasons. There were also reports that Microsoft approached Nokia in the year 2011 but due to its balance sheet which was not good.

But the things have changed now. Microsoft launched three operating systems for three different platforms in Windows 8. Windows Phone 8 is one of them and the main hardware supplier for this is Nokia.

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Microsoft expanded its business to more than software and it is selling hardware also. There is no phone in the list of products of Microsoft like Apple. If Microsoft buys Nokia, it would mean that it perfectly sell the phones with its name.

When Microsoft first approached Nokia to purchase it, its capitalization was US7 billion, but in the recent times it has increased to US$15 billion. Microsoft can afford this and of course the market capitalization of Nokia is still less its worth.

When Microsoft first approached Nokia and looked into its books, it was found that the mobile manufacturing company is financially not in good shape. But Nokia Company is very important for Windows Phone 8. Without Nokia, there will be no Windows phone.

There were also rumors that Samsung wanted to buy Nokia. However, this was denied by Samsung. If any other competitor of Microsoft buys Nokia it is not sure whether the buyer will be serious to bring Windows Phone.

Though Nokia is having a product which is selling well in the market, the Nokia Lumia 920, its departure from mobile handset market can be said as one of the big events this year. There are rumors going around that Nokia will be selling its telecom interests to Huawei and smartphone group to Microsoft.

Nokia has recorded six quarterly losses. The financial struggle for Nokia is to continue for some more time. Selling the mobile business is one of the options the company is having. It had discussion in the year 2011 to acquire Nokia. It was discussed in the meeting whether Nokia can sell the iPhone business to Micorsoft. Nokia authorities however denied that there were discussions. In September, 2012 Nokia announced new Windows Phone 8 phones. The new phones were Nokia Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. Windows Phone 8 is the new operating system of Microsoft. Both the devices are available in different colors. These are two of the many Windows Operating System phones.