Izik-New Search Engine for Tablets and Android Devices from Blekko


Izik-New Search Engine for Tablets and Android Devices from Blekko

Izik is a new Search Engine Useful for Tablets and Android Devices.

San Francisco: Blekko, the latest search engine developed in 2010 by Rich Skrenta has released a new search application called “Izik” particularly designed for iPads and tablets. According to the developers, the new application is supposed to provide better search results than Google. They hope that with the increasing use of tablets among the internet users, the new application is expected to make a big success. Currently the parent search engine Blekko has more than 12 million monthly visitors.

The new application displays search results in rows of information capsules which can be scrolled by finger. When scrolled vertically it gives different categories and when scrolled horizontally it gives more capsules within each category related a search request. When Izik is first opened, the users can choose from a few important search queries that are popular currently, or can type the specific search term into the box. The Blekko vice president of marketing, Michael Markson and CEO Rich Skrenta believe that searching on a desktop or laptop is more likely to be “task oriented” while searching on a tablet is more “exploratory”.

Entering a term like “Samsung” in Izik will bring a set of results sorted into easily navigable categories. According to the developers, this categorization technology is referred as Dynamic Inference Graph. Each category can be zoomed which will bring more results easily. They originally started to develop this application as a mobile/tablet version of Blekko but later made a separate application with the name Izik which is usable on desktops and laptops also.

Google is the built in search engine in iPads, most android devices and therefore dominates the market. However the algorithms used by Google on tablets and Laptops are basically the same. About two years back Google made sweeping changes to its search algorithm to reduce unwanted results showing up in the search results.

Rich Skrenta believes that more people are becoming tablet owners and as such the concept of “search” also needs to change. The number of tablets and android devices sold so far crosses over 100 million and therefore he is optimistic that people may break their “Googling” habit soon.