We Have Improved Significantly SONY CEO Says


We Have Improved Significantly SONY CEO Says

We Have Improved Significantly SONY CEO Says

Tokyo: The company is stepping towards the right direction even though we
have not yet recovered our past failures, said Kazuo Hirai the chief
executive of the struggling giant Sony.

After becoming the CEO for the last 9 months for Sony he said the company is now more “nimble and focused.” During the past few years they incurred huge losses and failed to face the competition
successfully. He frankly said that Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc.became the leaders in the market with their R&D and innovations where as Sony failed to maintain its profitability.

Further he said that he himself involved in product development to gain creative and innovative ideas till the implementing process. New entrants from South Korea, China and Taiwan sell their products at
very low prices. With that fact Hirai said that, Sony will be focusing on ‘willing to pay’ customers in order to get rid of a price war.

Also he noted that the company should perform faster in decision making and execution. Though the company has a long journey aheadit shows a “significant improvement” with their new targets. Last year Sony incurred a loss of $1.5 billion, mainly due to the damage caused by natural disasters occurred in 2011.

Along with their newly introduced 4k technology Hirai said that it will bring advantages to their company but it will take several years to hit the market. The company also failed in taking advantage of entertainment and electronics both business, which led to the criticize  issue in the market.

Yasunori Tateishi, mentioned about Sony’s failures in a book he has written and it says that Sony should come up with innovative, creative, unique and fresh ideas in order to retain in the market and to overcome their current conditions. There is a growing market in this industry. Therefore Sony will be able to stand against competition in near future. He further noted.