Yota Device to Launch YotaPhone – the Dual Screen Smartphone


Yota Device to Launch YotaPhone – the Dual Screen Smartphone

Yota Device to Launch YotaPhone – the Dual Screen Smartphone

Russia:  Yota Devices, a Russian manufacturing company of mobile phones announced that it will launch YotaPhone, dual screen Smartphone into the market soon.  The Yota Device company though is not known to the other countries, it is popular in its motherland.

Yota Devices informed that YotaPhone will come with a 4.3 inch HD display and it will run on Android operating system.  Unique feature of the device is that it will feature 4.3 inch Kindle-esque E Ink screen at the back.

YotaPhone will come powered with a 1.5 GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.  The E Ink Screen consumer low power and makes it comfortable for the eyes to read.  The two screens can be used to different tasks at the same time.  The phone is equipped with dual control on both eh sides.

Yota Devices informed that the Kindle and Nook Android based applications available in UK are compatible on the YotaPhone they will be introducing.  There are many built-in apps in YotaPhone.  E Ink Screen of YotaPhone allows flipping through open panels shown in three grid-like display.  It is however observed that Swiping between panels is not fast.  The E Ink Display offers another convenience to the users.  Even when the battery charging is completely over, E Ink Screen will display an image which allows grabbing the contact book, access Google Maps or access a boarding pass from PDF document.

Most of the Android smartphones come with three-button soft keys on the front side but Yota Devices has decided not to have this on their YotaPhone.  It has provided four commands – one is right to left swipe gestures to return to home screen; half-way right to left swipe for going back to a screen; press and hold for opening multi tab menu and two finger swipe from top to base to ping the app to E Ink screen.

YotaPhone is sturdy and comfortable to hold.  It weighs 140 grams and is similar to Samsung Galaxy S III.  The device it have a mini USB for charging.  The device is available in 32GB and 64GB variants.  The device features two camera at the rear and front.  The price of YotaPhone is expected to be similar to the price of Samsung Galaxy S III.