Vijay Mallya Offers Gold to Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala

Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya Offers Gold to Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala

 Vijay Mallya Offers Gold to Lord  Venkateswara at Tirumala

Tirupati:  Vijay Mallya, the promoter of Kingfisher Airlines offered three kg gold bricks to Lord Venkateswara in Tirupati.  He visited Tirumala Tirupati Lord Venkateswara temple on the occasion of this 58th birthday today.

Vijay Mallya visited the temple and donated the gold to the temple after worshipping the lord.  Chinnamgari Ramana, Deputy Executive Officer of TTD informed that Mallya requested the temple authorities to use the gold for gliding the doors of the temple in sanctum sanctorum.

Vijay Mallya reached Tirumala on 17th December, 2012 and he was accompanied by his family.  He celebrated his festival in a small function in the Venkata Vijayam.  The guest house Venkata Vijayam was donated by Vijay Mallya to the devasthanam fifteen years ago.

It is well known that Vijay Mallya is a great devotee of Lord Venkateswara and he ensured that every aircraft he bought is first brought to Tirupati and made Pradakshin around the shrine of Lord Venkateswara in Tirupati.

Vijay Mallya also offered gold plated doors in Kukke Subrahmanya temple in Karnataka in August, 2012.  The gold plated doors were worth Rs. 80 lakhs.   Kukke Subrahmanya temple is visited by many for a bright fortune.

Vijay Mallya’s Kingfisher airlines which was launched by him in the year 2005 is in financial troubles presently.  It was the second largest airline in the domestic market.  The airlines is closed due to the strike of the employees.  The employees were not paid the salaries properly.  It has Rs. 7,000 crore bank debts and also lot of tax arrears. It was running losses of nearly Rs. 10,000 crores. The flying license of the airlines was cancelled.   The suspension of license is going to expire on 31st December, 2012.  The airlines is expected to begin its partial operations with 21 aircrafts next month.