Unbreakable Screen on Samsung’s New Galaxy Mobile? : Galaxy S4 or S5 to Feature Flexible Displays?

Unbreakable Screen on Samsung’s New Galaxy Mobile? : Galaxy S4 or S5 to Feature Flexible Displays?

Seoul: Samsung, which is enjoying the top position in the mobile market at present, is planning to accelerate the launch of new Galaxy Mobiles which would feature unbreakable screens. Galaxy S4 Mobile is expected to be released in April 2013 and is codenamed as ‘Project J’ after the name of JK Shin, Chief of Mobile Division.

Nowadays most of the smart phones are being released with same form factor and same design. Of course, there would be some difference with regard to their specs or with regard to minute of the exteriors, but most of them are looking alike nowadays. In this context, it has to be mentioned that Galaxy S4 Mobile is rumored to be provided with special feature of unbreakable glass and this feature is expected to become a major selling point for the mobile.


Samsung tries to capture the market attention and revenue in the context of its competition with Apple in 200 billion dollars worth smart phone market. Based on the rumors being circulated on internet, Galaxy S4 Mobile would feature better kind of display, quad core processor and sports 13 megapixels resolution camera. This mobile would feature 441 ppi pixels density which is very much greater than the pixel density of existing mobiles. It is a drastic improvement when compared to that of Galaxy S3 mobile, which has 306 ppi and when compared to its rival iPhone 5 which has 326 ppi. It is expected that Galaxy S4 mobile would be released in April 2013 and that the manufacturing of huge number of unbreakable glasses with plastic substrate is going on.

Of course, there is no official comment from Samsung authorities or executives. When analyzed, these rumors might seem true because Samsung has great command on unbreakable screens since it is the front runner in offering organic light emitting diodes or OLED displays. There are expectations that Galaxy S4 or Galaxy S5 would feature possibly foldable and flexible displays, at least by 2014.