Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Rumors: Price, Specs & Expected Release Date of Galaxy S4 Mobile

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Rumors: Price, Specs & Expected Release Date of Galaxy S4 Mobile

Amsterdam: Samsung Galaxy S3 stands as one of the best mobile phones in the world and its sales have recorded thumping success. In just three months of release, it has reached record levels of sales. Now, the rumors about Galaxy S4, the expected successor of the mobile are on rise.

In the recent post by GSMArena, rumors of Galaxy S4 mobile are mentioned. This new mobile phone is expected to have 4.99 inches screen size with full HD or 1080p screen with Super AMOLED features.


Potential Galaxy S4 Mobile might feature quad core Cortex A15 processor and sports 13 megapixels resolution camera on the rear side. The release date of Galaxy S4 has not been announced. Since the HD 1080p Super AMOLED screen has not been released till now, it might be released in Consumer Electronics Show or CES in January 2013. Having high screen size on Galaxy S4 will not be a big surprise to many because Samsung is known for providing bigger screen sizes to its smart phones. If the rumors of Galaxy S4 processor become true, then it will become the first mobile of its kind. It will be the best mobile with quad core Cortex A15 processor.

The rumors about 13 megapixels resolution camera are not new. Actually they are expected to be present in Galaxy Note 2. But since Sony couldn’t release such high resolution cameras within the time, Galaxy Note 2 has been released without 13 MP Camera. But the same rumors are being circulated now for Galaxy S4 mobile. This rumor about improvement in the camera resolution seems to be practical because of the reason that S2 and S3 versions of Galaxy mobile are having same resolution cameras and in order to make S4 a better one than its predecessors, it has to be provided with improvement in camera. That’s the reason why 13 megapixels resolution camera on S4 rumor is getting some credibility.