Kindle Fire HD Wi-Fi Problems & their Solutions: Kindle Fire Common Problems

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Kindle Fire HD Wi-Fi Problems & their Solutions: Kindle Fire Common Problems

Common Kindle Fire HD Problems & their Solutions: Kindle Fire Common Problems

Hyderabad: Kindle Fire HD is one of the latest and most selling tablets in the low cost Android tablet section. This tablet comes from Amazon manufacturing house and hence is having good brand name in the market.

Few users have reported that their Kindle Fire HD freezes the picture when it is of low quality. The screen gets frozen when the picture quality is low. In most cases, hard reset of the device will bring good results.

Kindle Fire not recognizing Wi-Fi network is another problem reported by many users. This problem can be fixed by knowing what kind of message is seen on the screen. If the problem is with network, you can use another network. If the problem is with device, try resetting the device or change the settings. If that doesn’t work, try to factory reset the tablet.

Sometime, blank or empty screen is seen on Kindle Fire HD. This might be due to the reason that it got stuck while booting. Hard resetting might give good results in such cases. If you still see the problem, you can contact the Amazon Customer Care Department.

Kindle Fire HD not charging even when plugged in properly. In most of the cases, the problem is with faulty charging cord. It will be interesting to note that ninety percent of the cases of charging problems will get rectified when new charging cord is used. If you find the problem still, you have to go the customer care section of Amazon for repairing the device or for replacing it.

Many users set a password on their Kindle Fire devices, but might have forgotten the password to unlock the same. This is the case with huge number of users worldwide. So, if you have also set the password on your device and forgotten it, think that you are not the only one. The only solution to this problem is to go for factory reset. Hold the power button off and turn it on by holding the power button and volume down button. A menu will come and this menu will have options for factory reset. Once you have opted for factory reset, you will lose all your personal data stored on your device.