Intermediate Exams 2013 Schedule: Tenth Class Exam 2013 Time-table

Intermediate Exams 2013 Schedule: Tenth Class Exam 2013 Time-table

Hyderabad: Intermediate public examinations in Andhra Pradesh are scheduled from 6th March to 23rd March, 2012.  Secondary education minister K Parthasarathy announced the schedule on 22nd November, 2012.


Intermediate exams 2013

 Intermediate First Year Exam 2013 Schedule

Date Schedule
6.3.2013 Second Language Paper – I
8.3.2012 English Paper – 1
11.3.2012 Mathematics Paper-A

Botany Paper-1

Civics Paper-1

Psychology Paper-1

13.3.2013 Mathematics – 1B

Zoology Paper-1

History Paper-1

15.3.2013 Physics Paper-1

Economics paper-1

Classical Language Paper-1

18.3.2013 Chemistry paper-1

Commerce paper-1

Sociology paper-1

Fine arts, Music paper-1

20.3.2013 Zoology paper-1

Home science paper-1

Public administration paper-1

Logic paper-1

22.3.2013 Modern Language Paper-1



Intermediate Second Year Exam 2013 Schedule

Date Subjects
7.3.2013 Second Language Paper-2
9.3.2012 English Paper-2
12.3.2013 Mathematics Paper-2 A

Botany paper-2

Civics paper-2

Psychology paper-2

14.3.2013 Mathematics Paper-2B

Zoology paper-2

History Paper-2

16.3.2013 Physics paper-2

Economics paper-2

Classical language paper-2

19.3.2013 Chemistry paper-2

Commerce paper-2

Sociology paper-2

Fine arts, Music paper-2

21.3.2013 Zoology paper-2

Home science paper-2

Public administration paper-2

Logic paper-2

Geography paper-2

Bridge course Mathematics paper-2

23.3.2013 Modern Language paper-2


Andhra Pradesh Secondary education minister k Parthasarathy also announced the tenth class public examination dates on 22nd November, 2012.  He informed that the last date for paying examination fee with Rs. 500 late fee is extended till 29th November, 2012.


                                        Tenth Class Exams 2013 Time-Table

Date Day Subject
22.3.2013 Friday First language paper-1 Group-A, First language paper-1 Composite course


23.3.2013 Sat First language paper-2 Group-A, First language paper-2 composite course

Main Language paper-1 Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian

25.3.2013 Monday Second language
26.3.2013 Tuesday English paper-1
28.3.2013 Thursday English paper-2
30.3.2013 Saturday Mathematics paper-1
1.4.2013 Monday Mathematics paper-2
2.4.2013 Tuesday General Science paper-1
3.4.2013 Wednesday General Science paper-2
4.4.2013 Thursday Social studies paper-1
6.4.2013 Saturday Social studies paper-2
8.4.2013 Monday Main Language paper-2 Sanskrit, Arabic, Persian
9.4.2013 Tuesday SSC Vocational course theory