HTC and Verizon Wireless brings Droid DNA, a 5 Inches Smart Phones/Tablet

Droid DNA

HTC and Verizon Wireless brings Droid DNA, a 5 Inches Smart Phones/Tablet

HTC and Verizon Wireless brings Droid DNA, a 5 Inches Smart Phones/Tablet

New York: HTC and Verizon Wireless have officially announced the release of its new smart phone. This smart phone is much awaited and is named as Droid DNA. It runs on Android operating system and comes with 5 inches screen size.

On the occasion of release of Droid DNA 5 phone/phablet, HTC President Jason Mackenzie told that the company is in trials to bring back the Droid series back to its original top position. Chief Marketing Officer of Verizon, Tami Erwin told that HTC represents sophistication and innovation for them.

Droid DNA is a 5 inches screen sized phablet/smart phone with support for Android v4.1 or Jelly Bean version of operating system. It runs on 4G or LTE network of Verizon Wireless. It is powered by Quad Core 1.5 Ghz processor of Qualcomm Snapdraon S4 brand. This is the processor which is making LG Optimus G Mobile to give amazing performance, but is known for overheating problems. But in the latest Droid mobile, the problem seems to be tackled efficiently by HTC.

LCD 3 display is seen on its 5 inches real estate and it comes with Gorilla Glass 2. Resolution of this display is given as 1920 x 1080. That means, 443 ppi of amazing pixels density. This is the screen which can make Droid DNA to stand apart from the flock in mobile industry. With this mobile, it has been once again proved that HTC leads in the display quality zone.

Screen viewing angle is about 160 degrees and it is much greater than the 60 degrees viewing angle of Galaxy S3. It is also brighter than Galaxy S3 Mobile by fifty percent. Droid DNA mobile is going to have 2 GB of RAM and sports wireless charging feature. 8 megapixels resolution camera can be seen on the rear side of this mobile which sports 2.1 megapixels of front facing camera. This camera can be used for shooting 1080p video and the field of view is about 88 degrees.

2.55v headphone amplifier can be seen on Droid DNA mobile and this is the similarity with HTC 8X Mobile. it supports new Beats Pill Speakers and can deliver high quality audio through Bluetooth. Droid DNA smart phone is going to be made available through Verizon from 21st November and it comes with $199.99 price tag along with two year contract.