Comparison of LeapFrog LeapPad 2 and Vtech InnoTab 2 Kids Tablets


Comparison of LeapFrog LeapPad 2 and Vtech InnoTab 2 Kids Tablets

Comparison of LeapFrog LeapPad 2 and Vtech InnoTab 2 Kids Tablets

New York: The markets are flooded with more number of kids tablets and it is now a difficult task to choose the best tablet for the kids. Vtech Inno Tab 2 and LeapFrog LeapPad 2 are the two kids tablet and given here are the comparisons of both tablets to give a better idea of the features.

Vtech Inno Tab 2 and LeapFrogPad are the two tablets same in nature. It is thus important to understand which the better of the two is. Coming to the design of the two, both the tablets are almost of same shape. While InnoTab 2 is larger than LeapPad 2, both look sleek. InnoTab has a plastic frame and looks longer and wider. LeapPad 2’s design is more appealing than InnoTab 2.

While buying tablets for kids, the most important thing to take into account is the durability. InnoTab though is looking larger, LeapPad appears to be more durable. It is made of good quality material. Though it cannot be expected that kids tablets last longer, it is advisable to buy LeapPad.

Coming to the features of InnoTab 2 and LeapPad, the screens of both are of similar size and it can be said that the clarity of these two is also similar. InnoTab comes with buttons to adjust the brightness. But LeapPad has better brightness than InnoTab. LeapPad also scores over InnoTab in sound quality. The sound of LeapPad is clear and sharp. There are 5 buttons in LeapPad which are present such that the user does not accidentally press them. There are 8 buttons in InnoTab 2 making it look crowded.

Kids are known for their restlessness and they are not the type who wait for the tablets to load and respond. LeapPad scores in this matter also over InnoTab. LeapPad loads any game comparatively quicker than InnoTab.

Coming to the memory option LeapPad has a memory of 4GB and InnoTab has 2GB but comes with a SD card slot to expand the memory. LeapPad has no stand but InnoTab 2 is provided with a kickstand. Both the tablets come with certain set of games and both are good in this feature.

InnoTab 2 and LeapPad come equipped with a camera. LeapPad 2 had a better resolution camera and InnoTab comes with the feature of rotating camera. InnoTab has a separate button for taking the photos but LeapPad 2 has a touch button on menu. Though both the tablets are good, LeapPad scores more marks in terms of loading, design etc.