Bal Thackeray Health: Bal Thackeray Not on Ventilator

Bal Thackeray

Bal Thackeray Health: Bal Thackeray Not on Ventilator

Bal Thackeray Health: Bal Thackeray Not on Ventilator

Mumbai: Bal Thackeray, the 86 years old politician from Maharashtra said that he is not keeping good health but denied that he is on ventilator. Conveying his Diwali wishes to people of Maharashtra he said though he is not keeping good health, he is able to read newspapers and is talking to the visitors.

Bal Thackeray’s health condition worsened and doctors attending to him are closely monitoring him. Bal Thackeray is being treated at his residence Matosree. His health condition is being monitored by a team of doctors and nurses. Sources close to him informed that his health condition is critical since four days.

Government of Maharashtra made all the necessary arrangements to provide medical treatment to Bal  Thackeray at his home. Six nurses are continuously monitoring his health. Meanwhile, Raj  Thackeray, nephew of Bal  Thackeray asked people not to believe the rumours about his health.

Former president Pratibha Patil and her husband Devi Singh visited Bal  Thackeray on 11th  October, 2012 and enquired about his health. They wished Bal  Thackeray a speedy recovery.

Bal Thackeray is the founder of Shiv Sena. He was active in politics since   he was young.  He played a crucial role in United Maharashtra movement. He began his career as a cartoonist in Free Press Journal. He formed Shiv Sena in the year 1966. The objective of the party was to fight for the cause of local people Maharashtra and ensure that they enjoy their rights.

Controversies are not new to Bal  Thackeray. He strongly opposed non-Hindus and also people who migrate to Mumbai. His campaign was Maharashtra for Maharashtrians. He openly shows his anti-Muslim views attracting controversies.

Election commission banned him from contesting in any election or even voting for six years in 1995. He does not support foreign culture being adopted by Indians. He is dead against celebration of Valentine’s day, he has three children – Bindumadhav Thackeray, Jaidev Thackeray and Uddhav Thackeray. His nephew Raj  Thackeray separated from Shiv Sena and formed a new party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena after having issues with Uddhav  Thackeray. His daughter Smita  Thackeray also quit Shiv Sena and is now a member of Congress Party.

In 1995 he formed an alliance with Bharatiya Janata Party. The combination won the elections and Bal  Thackeray as a remote control controlled the government. Manohar Joshi was the chief minister of the BJP-Sena alliance government.