AP Government Sanctions 7 Lakh New Houses under Rachabanda Program

AP Government Sanctions 7 Lakh New Houses under Rachabanda Program

Hyderabad: Government of Andhra Pradesh sanctioned 7 lakh houses for ‘Rachabanda’ applicants.  Orders are issued to this affect by the Secretary of Andhra Pradesh state Housing Corporation.  Government of Andhra Pradesh announced that nearly RS. 4,074.70 crores will be spent for the construction of these houses.  These are in addition to the 13 lakhs houses that are already allotted.  More than 14.73 applications were received for houses in the first ‘Rachabanda’ program.

The second ‘Rachabanda’ program was conducted in November, 2011 and another 19.79 lakh applications were received.  Government has appointed  group of officials for scrutinizing the applications.  These teams collected the details of the applicants and submitted the details of the district collectors.  District collectors sent the reports to the Government with all the details, it is estimated that nearly 26.73 lakh people are eligible for constructing houses under Rachabanda program.  The government has already allotted houses for six lakh people.


The government has allotted another seven lakh houses under Rachabanda program.  Among these seven lakh houses, 5,25,000 will be constructed in rural areas and 1,75,000 houses will be for urban areas.  Government is implementing Rs, 45,00o unit cost in rural areas and Rs. 55,000 unit cost in urban areas. It has recently said that the same unit cost will be implemented for the newly allotted houses.

The applications received will be verified by a team of officials consists Tahsildar. Assistant Engineer and MPDO in mandal level.  They will scrutinize the applications and decide if the applicant is eligible. The allocation of seven lakh houses will be @2000 per every constituency.  In all the 266 constituencies, the total houses constructed will be 5,32,000.

Following are the eligibility criteria that should be satisfied by the applicant to become a beneficiary.

  1. All the applicants should have a white ration card
  2. The applicants should be eligible and the eligibility criteria are according to the Indiramma guidelines.
  3. None of the family members of the applicant should have sanctioned house under any scheme.
  4. Only one house will be allotted for a family.
  5. The applicant’s family should be living in a hut or semi permanent house.
  6. The applicant must be in possession of site for house construction or they should apply for a house site patta certificate.
  7. The authority to sanction the houses is with the district collector.
  8. After scrutinizing the applications and confirming the details of the beneficiary, an ID will be generated.