Saanvi Case: Kidnapped Saanvi Murdered by Raghu Yandamuri, FBI


Saanvi Case: Kidnapped Saanvi Murdered by Raghu Yandamuri, FBI

Saanvi Case: Kidnapped Saanvi Murdered by Raghu Yandamuri, FBI

Pennsylvania:  Saanvi, the baby who was kidnapped is murdered.  The ten month old little infant who was kidnapped from an apartment four days back is found murdered.  Even FBI did not expect that the person who murdered Saanvi’s grandmother and taken away the child will kill her.  Parents of Saanvi Shiv Prasad and Lata are in a shocked state after hearing that their child is dead.

FBI has announced on 26th October, 2012 that Saanvi is murdered.  All the Telugu families in America are mourning the death of Sanvy.  The person who killed Saanvi is Raghu Yandamuri, FBI announced to media.  Raghu also lives in Marquis Apartment in King of Prussia.  He killed the grandmother of Saanvi and has taken her in a suitcase.

FBI has informed that Saanvi was stabbed on the heart and throat.  Raghu has left a letter in Saanvi’s house asking to pay $ 50,000 by that evening and FBI officials have found ten copies of that letter in his apartment.  Raghu Yandamuri also warned that if the matter of kidnap is informed to the police, he would kill the infant.

FBI informed that Raghu Yandamuri belongs to Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.  He is recently married.  He is working as a software engineer.  Cases of two murders, theft and illegal entry into a house cases are filed against him, officials informed.  FBI investigation revealed that little Saanvi was killed and buried. Saanvi was kidnapped from her home on 22nd October, 2012 after her parents left for work.  Her grandmother Satyavatamma was brutally killed before Saanvi is kidnapped. It is expected that some African people are also involved in these double murders.

FBI started investigating in the angle that how could the person enter easily into the house, why they did not take away any valuable in the house and why they killed Satyavatamma.  They questioned all the persons close to the family of Saanvi and in this process, Raghu Yandamuri is also questioned.  He agreed that he kidnapped Saanvi, killed and buried her in the basement of an apartment in Philadelphia.

Saanvi’s parents Shiva and Latha announced a reward of $ 50,000 for those who will bring back their child safe.  TANA also announced a reward of Rs. 16 lakhs for those who give information about Saanvi.  FBI also participated in the investigation of the case along with local police.

Which Punishment you suggest to Raghu Yandamuri?