Saanvi Murder Case: Money is Only Motive behind the Murders


Saanvi Murder Case: Money is Only Motive behind the Murders

Saanvi Murder Case:  Money is Only Motive behind the Murders

Pennsylvania:  The motive behind killing of ten month old Saanvi Venna is money.  FBI police have confirmed that Yandamuri Raghunandan has killed Saanvi and her grandmother for $ 50,000. Raghu murdered Satyavati in King Prussia apartments on 23rd October, 2012 and abducted Saanvi.

According to FBI, Raghu came back from office at around 11.00 am on 23rd October, 2012.  He directly went to the home of Saanvi and tried to abduct her.  When grandmother Satyavati tried to stop him, he stabbed her with a kitchen knife that he carried with him. He left a ransom note asking to pay $ 50,000 to get back the baby.  The nicknames of Saanvi’s parents he used in the letter helped police to identify the culprit.  He called them Lata and Shiva, while other in the locality call Saanvi’s parents Mr and Mrs Venna.  He wrapped Saanvi in a bathroom towel and kept her in a suitcase.  When he found that Saanvi died due to suffocation, he hid the body in the basement bathroom of apartment.

There are no personal grudges between the family of Saanvi and Raghu and only money seems to be the motive behind the double murders.  Raghu went to America in the year 2007.  He was arrested on 27th October, 2012 and was presented in the court.  The court has adjourned the case to 2nd November, 2012.

Meanwhile Raghu has informed to the court that he is not an American citizen and requested the courts to allow him to talk to Indian Consulate.  Court agreed for this.  People who gathered outside the court shouted that he should be hanged for what he did for little Saanvi.

Raghu is employee of Ebay Consulting Firm and is drawing a decent salary.  He got married recently and is living with his wife.  Raghu spoke to one of his friends before killing Satyavatamma and Saanvi. He requested him to send $ 1000 to bring his in-laws to America as his wife is pregnant.