iPhone 5 Prices in Indian Grey Market (Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad)

iPhone 5 Prices in Indian Grey Market (Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad)

New Delhi: iPhone 5 from Apple, the new sensation in the world market is going to be made available here by 30th October 2012. Indians who love smart phones, particularly gadgets from Apple, are not able to wait till then, and are purchasing this device from online stores and from grey market.

In grey markets of India, the price of 64 GB iPhone5 mobile was up to Rs.1.2 Lakhs. Now this mobile is said to be sold for amount between Rs.70,000 to Rs.90,000 depending up on the customer. Prices of this device, based on its internal memory are 199, 299 and 300 USD under bundle offer in USA. Prices of factory unlock phones which can support any SIM are given as 649, 749 and 849 USD.Apple iPhone 5 is made available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB variants. This device has been released on 21st September in 9 countries along with America. On 28th September 2012, it has been made available in 22 other countries.


Hyderabad also stands in top place in the list of cities which have high demand for iPhone. Already few people have purchased iPhone 5. Few people are saying that in Hyderabad also, the price of this latest smart phone reached One Lakh Rupees. It is expected that at least five hundred mobiles might be sold by now itself.  Price of this mobile in Indian market would be in the range of Rs.50,000 to Rs.65,000 depending up on the variant. It is said that iPhone 5 is available in grey market of Mumbai and that it can be purchased in Heera Panna Market. Also, Delhi people can also purchase this device in grey market and they can go to Khan Market, as heard in the market.Few people are getting iPhone 5 from their friends or relatives who come here from Hong Kong, Singapore, US and UK. In the official stores, there are more than hundred orders for official purchase.

Another main source of getting iPhone 5 in India is online portals. One can visit websites like Olx.in and eBay.in for placing the phone orders and if you can’t wait for having your hands on latest smart phone, you need to pay extra and have to purchase in the grey market.