Suttivelu, Tollywood Comedian is Dead

Suttivelu, Tollywood Comedian is Dead

Suttivelu-, the legendary comedian actor of Telugu cinema has died today (16th September, 2012) at 03.30 am. He was 65. He was suffering from ill health since a few days and was taking treatment in a hospital in Chennai. He is survived by 3 daughters and one son. His last rites will be performed in the evening in Chennai.

Suttivelu, one among the popular Suthi duo on the Telugu screen was introduced to Tollywood by director Jandhyala. Suthi Veerabhadra Rao and Suttivelu acted in many hit films and were popularly known as ‘Suthi Janta’. Sri Lakshmi the comedian actress acted as his wife in many films and these both made a popular pair as were Rajababu-Ramaprabha. Suttivelu acted in more than 200 movies. He was given Nandi Award for best supporting actor for his character in Vandemataram in 1985.


Suttivelu was born on 7th August, 1947 and his real name was Kurumaddali Narasimha Rao. Due to his lean personality, in childhood people used to called him Velu and after the success of Nalugu Stambhalata movie people started calling him Suttivelu.

Suttivelu’s acting career began in 1980 and continued till 2000. His films with Suthi Veerabhadra Rao in the direction of Jandhyala were all very popular in Telugu. Mudda Mandaram, Nalugusthambhalata, Rendu Jella Sita, Sri variki premalekha, Babai Abbai, Rendu rellu aaru, Repati Pourulu, Pratighatana, Chantabbai etc are the few of the popular films of Suttivelu. Pratighatana film has to be mentioned specially in the career of Suttivelu. His acting in this film has got rave reviews. He also acted in many television serials ;Anandobrahma’ was very popular among them.

Tollywood is mourning the death of one of the greatest comedians of recent times.