Islet Transplantation Treatment for Diabetes Developed by AIG, Hyderabad

Islet Transplantation Treatment for Diabetes Developed by AIG, Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Andhra Pradesh doctors have achieved a wonderful success in the treatment of diabetes. This can said to be a new era in medicine. In the new treatment method, diabetes patients need not consume any medicines and they can stay normally and even eat sweets. Dr. GV Rao, Dr Sasikala and Chairman Dr. Nageswara Reddy who is the head of the team belonging to Asian Institute of Gastro-enterology, Hyderabad has developed a this new method to treat diabetes. Within a week, treatment for diabetes patients in this method will also begin. This method of treatment is available in foreign countries but they are very expensive. The technical knowledge of the treatment of diabetes available in foreign countries, doctors in Hyderabad has developed the new treatment method. Dr Nageswara Reddy announced to the media that this type of treatment method is the first in the world. The treatment is given to the customers through transplanting Islet cells. He told to the reporters that comparing to the islet transplantation treatment, the treatment method developed by AIG doctors is less expensive.

Dr. Reddy has informed the reporters that a special conference will be held on 14th and 15th September, 2012 to discuss the Islet transplantation method developed by them with 250 experts. In this conference, latest developments in diabetes treatment will be discussed he informed.

Islet transplantation

Chairman of Asian Institute of Gastro-enterology, Mr. Nageswar Reddy has informed to the reporters that all amenities will be provided in the Asian Gastro-enterology hospital in Hyderabad.

Insulin is produced from the beta cells in Islet cells present in pancreas. If the production of insulin is reduced due to improper functioning of beta cells, it is identified as diabetes. Most of the organs in the human body can be transplanted but pancreas cannot be transplanted as it leads to some problems. For this reason medicines and insulin injections are given fin the treatment of diabetes. There are Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 in diabetes. For type 1 and Type 2 type of diabetes, insulin injection is used. Islet cells in pancreas cannot transplant into the liver directly and this treatment is available abroad. These treatments are in research stage and the treatment is much expensive also. The same technology is taken by the Asian Institute of Gastro-enterology doctors and research is being done since three years in association with National Institute of Nutrition, Department of Biotechnology and Indian Research Council. Good results were obtained when the technology was tested on monkeys. Later the treatment was given to Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients who were using insulin injection which worked wonderfully.

A small capsule of two inches long and half inch wide, which is called Theracyte is filled with Islet cells and is transplanted in to the body of the diabetes patient. The islet cells transplanted into the body provide the necessary insulin to the body. Once islet cell transplantation is done, they work for more than five years. Later islet cells can be transplanted again.

Along with Asian Gastro-enterology, Hyderabad another four centres will be launched in Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi for Islet transplantation treatment. Medical experts estimate that there will India will soon become the international capital for diabetic patients. Presently there are more than 6.40 crore patients n India. In Hyderabad city, 16% of the population are suffering from diabetes.

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