AOC Festival Boom Scratch Card Offer : Drive Your TV Home

AOC TV Festival Boom

AOC Festival Boom Scratch Card Offer| Digital Televisions for Rs. 14000 to Rs. 45000

Hyderabad: AOC is offering huge discounts in this festival season on wide range of it’s products on the name of ‘Drive Your TV Home’. The company’s Sales and Marketing head for India and other SAARC countries Mrs. Seema T. Bhatnagar has launched new models of televisions.

She announced that they are going to give a scratch card to the customers on purchasing their LCD and LED televisions. The customers have a chance to win lots of surprising prizes by this scratch card including Tata Nano Car, AOC Full HD LED television of width 22 inches and 24 inches too.

These televisions having standard features such as ZDB technology, real color engine and dream surround sound are in the price range of just Rs. 14000 – Rs. 45000 only. The offers started from 15th of this month and will be available till 30th of November.

AOC also going to extend the warranty period of televisions to 3 years.