Cancer Scenario in India-ICMR Report

Cancer Scenario in India-ICMR Report

Indian Council for Medical Research has said in its recent report that every year, more than ten lakh people are affected by cancer in India. One third among them is dying every year. By 2025, the number of cancer patients in India will increase by five times. The increase in cancer patients will be 2.8 percent due to usage of tobacco in various forms and 2.2 percent due to other reasons. The report also revealed that by 2025 the number of cancer patients in developed countries such as America will be doubled. Presently three percent of the population in India is suffering from one or the other type of cancer. In 2012, more than 5.55 lakh people have died due to cancer in India.

Indian council for Medical Research has conducted studies into only in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Bhopal and Hyderabad but also in second grade cities and towns. According to the study reports Indian males are mostly affected by throat, lungs, prostate, urinary bladder and gullet cancer. Types of cancers that are mostly found in Indian women are breast, bladder, throat and neck. When ICMR has conducted study for the first time in 2000-01 the number of cancer patients was only one percent. According to the information that is obtained presently, India is in first place in number of some types of cancer cases.

Cancer scenario in India

According to the ICMR report, it will be possible to diagnose most of the cancers in the world by 2015. But in developing countries the resources to provide treatment to the cancer patients will not be available. Cancers in India are becoming life threatening because there is only one doctor for every ten thousand cancer patients in India.

In India there are more than 200 centers that treat cancer with radiation. There are many ultra modern facilities in these centers. In the 11th five year plan, government of India has allotted Rs. One thousand crores for cancer prevention programs. Every year many people are conducting research on cancer treatments and are obtaining doctorates. This number is more than in any foreign country. But all these doctors and professionals are migrating to other countries, creating a scarcity f doctors. Every year 75 doctors are obtaining doctorates by conducting research on cancer from Tata Memorial Hospital. If all these doctors stayed in India, the situation of cancer patients would not have been so pitiful. Indian cancer specialists are also assisting to studies in western countries. Even with all these, the condition of cancer patients in India in terms of treatment has not improved.

Few oncologists of India have established Indian Co-operative Oncology Network, a social organization in 2000. There are 250 oncologists from different cities as members in this organization. They have started website and are offering cancer prevention and treatment tips to people.