AP Higher and Technical Education Department: Transfer Guidelines

Transfer Guidelines

AP Higher and Technical Education Department: Transfer Guidelines

Stage has been set for the transfer of employees in Higher and technical education department in Andhra Pradesh. Transfer of teaching, non-teaching staff working in government degree colleges and government polytechnic colleges will be taken up soon. Higher education chief secretary M G Gopal has issued GP no. 350 releasing the guidelines for transfers. Given below are the guidelines for transfers of employees in Higher and Education Department.

  • Employees who have completed two year service in the same place as on 1.6.2012 can apply for transfer.
  • Employees who completed five year service as on 1.6.2012 will be transferred.
  • Exemptions have been given to employees who will retire before 1.7.2013.
  • Transfers will be based on entitlement points.
  • Employees who seek transfer can give three options. Focal to non-focal, non-focal to focal and non-focal to non-focal transfers will be allowed.
  • Twenty percent ceiling is imposed on present transfers.
  • Transfer of employees will be done through video counseling.
  • If any women principals/lecturers who are presently working in co-education colleges apply for transfer in to any women’s colleges, male principals in those colleges will be transferred to other colleges.
  • GCGTA, GCTA office bearers are exempted from transfers.
  • Technical education commissioner and colleges education commissioner will implement the above guidelines and release the schedule.

The transfer application will be available for download from the website www.apcce.gov.in and www.dte.nic.in for college education and technical education employees. The website of concerned department will notify the list of employees who applied for transfer in their website along with the entitlement points. The applicants can give three options in order of preference. Counseling dates will be indicated and employees seeking transfer and are attending the counseling will not be paid any TA or DA but will be considered as on duty.

Those who are transferred will be given the orders immediately and they will be relieved from the present working place. The person has to get relieved within seven days from the receipt of the order. The government will not view any violation of the above lightly. The transferred employees cannot claim any TA/DA since they are being transferred at their own request. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who have submitted false information or those who signed on such false information and a criminal action will be taken against them.