Dhar Commission was in favor of linguistic based states-S K Dhar headed Dhar Commission

Dhar commission

After India became independent in 1945, the procedure of division of states has become very important.   Many proposals were received to divide states on linguistic basis.   Indian government has appointed a commission to study and scrutinize the proposals.   This commission was appointed on 17th June, 1948 and S K Dhar was the head of the commission and so the commission was called Dhar Commission.

At that time central government of India wanted to postpone the creation of linguistic based states.   But with the agitations in Andhra, Kannada and Maharashtra states, Dhar commission was appointed. Congress party won the general elections help in 1946 in Coastal and Rayalaseema in Andhra Pradesh.   But only one person was appointed as cabinet minister from Rayalaseema. People of Rayalaseema were against joining in Andhra state.   Regional differences were seen in 1948 Andhra Committee elections also.

B C Banerjee, Doctor Pannalal, J Narayan Lal were the members of Dhar commission and they studied the creation of new states, borders, financial and administration problems and submitted their report.   Though central government of India was in the opinion that creation of linguistic basis states will be harmful for the unity of the country, Dhar commission has suggested that creation of linguistic based states is necessary for administrative convenience.